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You know a well-designed logo when you see it! A great logo is simple, clear, memorable, unique, and stands out from the rest.

Considering the fact that your logo is the visual place of your business, so it needs to attract a lot of attention. However, designing a great logo is not easy – it requires some basic understanding of the color philosophy, design, trends, and more. However, the good news is that if you do the background work, you will know how to create a logo that makes a positive first impression.

Or, you can always use a free online logo maker and design your logo in less than 10 minutes.

Get Creative with Free Online Logo Maker

Logos consist of two components – logomarks and logotypes. The logotype is also known as lettering design. The logomark is the element (icon) used to represent your brand. A powerful logo can have one or both elements.

The truth is that there are no rules. Many popular brands have succeeded with just one approach. For example, eBay and Subway use logotype only while Apple uses logomark. Sometimes, you gotta try something new and see how your audience reacts to it.

Free online logo makers are quite popular today. These tools can help you create your own logo in a matter of minutes. Isn’t that great?

The only problem is that there are so many free logo makers out there and choosing the best one is simply not possible.

Here, we share with you 5 features every online logo generator should offer.


With a flexible design, you should be able to adapt your logo and use it for different purposes. Online logo makers are easy to use. All you need to do is choose a template, add elements, and customize the logo until you are completely satisfied with the design.

If the logo maker doesn’t allow you to customize and adapt the logo design, you can’t expect to design a great logo. You know exactly what are you looking for and what your brand needs. Customization and adaptability are important for designing the logo of your dreams – a logo that will represent you and your business for years to come.

2. Branding

Your logo allows you to tell your business story. In other words, it is perfect for branding. As you know, small companies don’t have big budgets to spend on branding and putting a business name in a logo makes it easier to spur interest and build awareness.

Your customers will visually connect with your business, whenever they see your products, thanks to your logo. You need a logo generator that can help you not only create a powerful logo but a successful brand.

Creating a logo is just one of the many tasks you have to complete when building your business. Creating a website, turning your current website into an online store, and more are other options your logo maker should offer you. You need an all-in-one solution, like Shopify, for example.

3. Plenty of Options

When creating a logo, you need options, combinations, and lots of possibilities. Sometimes, you can’t just click on one template, add your company name and expect that to be your perfect logo design.

No, sometimes, an effort is absolutely necessary. You need to try new combinations and see what will come out of that. As long as the logo maker generator is offering you plenty of options in terms of templates, icons, and color combinations, you will have no problem creating a beautiful logo.

Hatchful by Shopify, for example, offers hundreds of templates that are professionally designed with your business and industry in mind. Go through the designs available and find the one that is tailored to your business. From clothing and beauty logos to electronics, fashion, food, furniture, health, photography, and restaurant logos, there are so many options to choose from.

4. Different Logomark Styles

You can cut your designing process in half by determining what type of logomark suits your brand. Some of the most popular logomark styles are emblems, mascots, abstract marks, and pictorial marks.

Ask yourself – what is the first thing customers should think when they see my logo? Innovation, creativity, reliability or something else. You need a logo style that will relate to your brand.


For example, an abstract logo makes sense when you are offering a service that isn’t conventional. Emblems represent community roots and history, and mascots are perfect for targeting light-hearted and young audiences.

5. Rich Color Palette

As you make decisions about the shapes, size, and style in your logo design, we hope you know which color is right for your new business logo.


Color represents your business in a big way. It attracts attention and builds brand awareness. With the right color, you can accomplish a lot. Take a look at Milka, Facebook, and other successful companies.


Choose a logo maker software that can offer you a rich color palette. You need lots of options when it comes to color. You need to see exactly what suits your logo and what doesn’t. Cut colors that aren’t working for your type of business and you should be satisfied with the end result – a perfectly-designed logo that will serve you for years to come.

Make a Professional Logo

Are you ready to make an incredible logo in just a few clicks? Logo maker generates are super easy to use an allow you to create iconic and bold logos in seconds. With thousands of options and an easy-to-use interface, a professional logo is just a few clicks away.

But, not all logo maker generates can help you create the logo of your dreams.

You need a logo maker software that can provide you with hundreds of professional logo templates, lots of elements, and rich color palette. Each template should be designed by a team of professional logo designers, so no matter which template you use, your logo will look amazing. Don’t forget a good Slogan for you Business, here you will be get a Slogan Maker Free

Time to get creative!